Live Science 2013

February 25, 2013

Live Science 2013

STRI Teacher training in Panama and Bocas del Toro

In coordination with Panama's Ministry of Education, Lydia Valencia of STRI's office of Public Programs offered two teacher-training workshops for 38 4th to 6th grade science teachers, the first in Panama City from January 21-25, and the second in Bocas del Toro from 4-8 February.

Both workshops featured lesson plans from the Desert to Rainforest Project and the Nature and Numbers Project emphasizing hands-on science activities and connecting teachers with Smithsonian scientists. The teachers also visited the STRI tree nursery in Gamboa and the turtle conservation project on Bluff Beach.

“The material presented helps us create real experiences, activating our lesson plans with the experimental component kids need make the content stick,” said Veira Rodríguez from Zaida Z. Núñez elementary school in La Chorrera.


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