Emerging Threats to Tropical Forests

September 11, 2006

Emerging Threats to Tropical Forests

New book by William F. Laurance and Carlos A. Peres

Emerging Threats to Tropical Forests, edited by STRI scientist William Laurance and by Carlos Peres from the University of East Anglia, UK, reveals the remarkably diverse panoply of perils to tropical forests and their biota, but with particular emphasis on “emerging threats”. These fall into four main categories:

A key theme of the book is that many emerging threats to tropical forests are insidious, altering critical aspects of ecosystem functioning and biota, but in ways that can easily escape our attention because they are obscured from satellite imagery and aerial photos, or become apparent only after exhaustive, long-term field studies.

The chapters in this book span much of the tropical world. They include cutting-edge syntheses by many leading authorities as well as original, data-rich studies. In addition to documenting clear and present dangers to tropical forests, considerable attention is also focused on strategies for mitigating and averting emerging threats.

This timely and compelling book is intended for researchers, students, and conservation practitioners—for anyone interested in the fate of the world’s direly threatened tropical ecosystems


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