Field Courses

Field courses are part of STRI´s scientific training program and are mostly intended for graduate students. STRI also provides logistical and content support for tropical field programs in Panama run by North American universities such as the University of Pennsylvania, McGill University, Princeton University, School of International Training, University of California–Davis, Florida International University and Michigan State University.

In addition, STRI organizes and conducts a field course for biology students from Panamanian public universities (the Universidad de Panamá and the Universidad Autónoma de Chiriquí). This course is designed to stimulate students to observe and ask questions about biological processes, to develop ideas and to test hypothesis in the field using the scientific method.

How to apply?
Individuals wishing to conduct any kind of scientific training at STRI facilities or wishing to request STRI participation in their program are asked to submit an Fill formapplication form, together with a proposal for their scientific training.

This information will enable STRI to notify the applicant about the availability of space and equipment, fees, appropriate immigration procedures, and necessary permits from the Republic of Panama, if applicable. It also provides a basis for the evaluation and approval of the proposed scientific training.