Research Experience in the Tropics

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 15 March, and 15 October of each year.


PROGRAM DATES: Internships usually begin approximately 2 months after notification of acceptance into the program.

DESCRIPTION: Individual applicants will be selected to conduct research under the supervision of scientist at STRI. Interns will work closely with their research mentor, becoming an integral participant in the scientist's larger research agenda. Additionally, interns will be encouraged to reflect on the conceptual and research implications of the work at hand so that they may maximize their understanding of a particular subject area.

ELIGIBILITY: Undergraduates, recent graduates (post-bachelor's) and early-stage Masterís students interested in the research areas represented by STRI's scientific staff.


  • Online application form
  • Professional resume or CV that contains your background information and relevant experience.
  • Essay: A two-to-four page statement of your interest in pursuing this position.
  • Transcripts from your current and previous institutions. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable. Transcript or academic credits may be submitted in English or Spanish. If transcripts or other materials are not in English or Spanish, the applicant should provide translations to English.
  • Two letters of reference. You will need the names and email addresses of two academic references. Through SOLAA you will send an email to these referees so they can provide letters through the web. The proposed advisor and co-advisor cannot provide the recommendation letters. Letters may be written in English or Spanish.
  • Name of the proposed advisor and co-advisor. Your application will be considered only to work with the advisor(s) selected.
  • Project description: Must be provided by your proposed advisor/supervisor. Applicants should contact their proposed supervisors and confirm that it was submitted.
  • Project or research title and name of the Internship program: Consult with your advisor the research title. Also indicate the name of the Internship Program

AWARD: Internships last 3 months and include a monthly stipend of $1000 US to cover room and board. This internship does not include any travel or research allowances.

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