Annette Aiello

STRI Profile Page:

Potential co-supervisors
Allen Herre,
Andrew Altieri, Rachel Collin
Nancy Knowlton

Marine biodiversity is poorly understood across all taxonomic and ecological levels. My research involves analysis of cryptic species, higher-level relationships among species, and global marine diversity patterns on coral reefs. We use a variety of molecular tools, and much of our work is framed in the context of marine conservation.

Suggested Reading
  • Hironobu Fukami, Ann F. Budd, Gustav Paulay, Antonio Sole-Cava, Chaolun Allen Chen, Kenji Iwao, Nancy Knowlton. 2004. Conventional taxonomy obscures deep divergence between Pacific and Atlantic corals. Nature 427(6977): 832-835.

  • Don R. Levitan, Nicole D. Fogarty, Javier Jara, Katie E. Lotterhos, Nancy Knowlton. 2011. Genetic, spatial, and temporal components of precise spawning synchrony in reef building corals of the Montastraea annularis species complex. Evolution 65(5): 1254-1270.

  • Plaisance, L., M. J. Caley, R. E. Brainard, and N. Knowlton.  2011.  The diversity of coral reefs: What are we missing?  PLoS One 6: e325026.