Supplementary Research Award Program

The Supplementary Research Award Program is a mechanism to replace the practice of waiving or reducing STRI fees for visitors. The SRA program is to recognize that in some cases it is to STRI’s benefit to have researchers using facilities even if they can not pay full fees. The program is to provide supplementary support only. It is not intended to be a fellowship program that would provide major support for a visitor’s research at STRI.  Annually STRI will set aside funds to cover the program costs.

What do SRA’s cover?

SRAs could be used to cover the following:

  1. Facilities Fees
  2. Crane use fees
  3. Boat and vehicle rental, not including fuel

In extraordinary circumstances SRAs could also be used to cover the following:

  1. Board and lodging at field stations

SRAs will not cover:

  1. Consumable resources (e.g. fuel, supplies, photo copies, LD fax & phone calls)
  2. Equipment purchase


Requests for SRAs should be sent by electronic-mail, a minimum of one month in advance of need, to the Visitor’s office.  PayneIV@si.edu.

Requests should be brief, not more than one-two pages in total, and should address and adhere to the following seven criteria and requirements.

  1. The objectives of the project for use of STRI facilities and services.
  2. Provide evidence that the project has financial support from other sources to support the majority of the research.
  3. Demonstrate financial need for the requested STRI support. SRA applicants must provide a letter from their advisor with a justification for requesting funds from STRI.
  4. SRA applicants must also provide letter of one member of the STRI community that attests to the fact that the student is doing something worthwhile.
  5. Detail efforts to secure funds from other sources to provide the same support being requested from STRI, or provide sound justification for not having done so.
  6. Applicants must provide evidence (a memo from the site manager will suffice) that the resources they are requesting at STRI (accommodations, boats, vehicles, etc.) will be available when needed.
  7. Applicants must provide updated curriculum vitae.

Applications will be reviewed by members of the STRI scientific staff and awards will be made through the Visitor's Office. Applications will be evaluated on the basis of the likely significance of the research made possible by the award. SRAs are intended for projects that have already received some funding, that have been highly successful and that are nearly complete; SRAs generally are not made for pilot projects. SRAs will be ascribed a dollar value equivalent to the cost of the support provided. The conditions of a given SRA will specify the duration of the award, the STRI facility at which it is to be used, and the services that are to be provided.