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Lee, Sohye, Lee, Dongho, Yoon, Tae Kyung, Salim, Kamariah Abu, Han, Saerom, Yun, Hyeon Min, Yoon, Mihae, Kim, Eunji, Lee, Woo-Kyun, Davies, Stuart James and Son, Yowhan 2015. Carbon stocks and its variations with topography in an intact lowland mixed dipterocarp forest in Brunei. Journal of Ecology and Environment, 38(1): 75-84..
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Peay, Kabir G., Russo, Sabrina E., McGuire, Krista L., Lim, Zhenyu, Chan, Ju Ping, Tan, Sylvester and Davies, Stuart James 2015. Lack of host specificity leads to independent assortment of dipterocarps and ectomycorrhizal fungi across a soil fertility gradient. Ecology Letters, 18(8): 807-816..
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Russo, Sabrina E., Cannon, Whitney Logan, Elowsky, Christian, Tan, Sylvester and Davies, Stuart James 2010. Variation in leaf stomatal traits of 28 tree species in relation to gas exchange along an edaphic gradient in a Bornean rain forest. American Journal of Botany, 97(7): 1109-1120..
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Quek, Swee P., Davies, Stuart James, Itino, Takao and Pierce, Naomi E. 2004. Codiversification in an Ant-Plant Mutualism: Stem Texture and the Evolution of Host Use in Crematogaster (Formicidae: Myrmicinae) Inhabitants of Macaranga (Euphorbiaceae). Evolution, (3): 554-570..
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Davies, Stuart James and Ashton, Peter S. 1999. Phenology and Fecundity in 11 Sympatric Pioneer Species of Macaranga (Euphorbiaceae) in Borneo. American Journal of Botany, 86(12): 1786-1795..
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Davies, Stuart J., Palmiotto, Peter A., Ashton, Peter S., Lee, Hua-Seng and LaFrankie, James V. 1998. Comparative Ecology of 11sympatric Species of Macaranga in Borneo: Tree Distribution in Relation to Horizontal and Vertical Resource Heterogeneity. Journal of Ecology, (4): 662-673..

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