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Craven, D., Hall, Jefferson S., Ashton, M. S. and Berlyn, G. P. 2013. Water-use efficiency and whole-plant performance of nine tropical tree species at two sites with contrasting water availability in Panama. Trees, 27: 639-653..
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Hall, Jefferson S., Ashton, Mark S., Garen, Eva J. and Jose, Shibu 2011. The ecology and ecosystem services of native trees: Implications for reforestation and land restoration in Mesoamerica. Forest Ecology and Management, 261(10): 1553-1557..

Medjibe, Vincent, Hall, Jefferson S., Ashton, Mark S. and Harris, D. J. 2011. Distribution of Selected Timber Species of a Central African Rain Forest in Relation to Topography and Soil Heterogeneity: Implications for Forest Management. Journal of Sustainable Forestry, 30(5): 343-359..


Craven, Dylan J., Hall, Jefferson S. and Verjans, Jean-Marc 2009. Impacts of herbicide application and mechanical cleanings on growth and mortality of two timber species in Saccharum spontaneum grasslands of the Panamá Canal watershed. Restoration Ecology, 17(6): 751-761..
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Weber, Daniela and Hall, Jefferson S. 2009. Resumen del Proyecto Agua Salud, enero 2008-julio del 2009. , : 24..


Hall, Jefferson S. 2008. Seed and seedling survival of African mahogany (Entandrophragma spp.) in the Central African Republic: Implications for forest management. Forest Ecology and Management, 255(2): 292-299..
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| 1 to 9 of 9 entries found |