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Larsen, Matthew C. 2017. Forested Watersheds, Water Resources, and Ecosystem Services, with Examples from the United States, Panama, and Puerto Rico. , : 161-182..
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Larsen, M. C. 2017. Forested watersheds, climate change, ecosystem services, and natural hazards. Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Hydrometeorological Risks and Climate Change 2015, : 1-19..

Larsen, M. C. 2017. Contemporary human uses of tropical forested watersheds and riparian corridors: Ecosystem services and hazard mitigation, with examples from Panama, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela. Quaternary International, 448: 190-200..


Larsen, Matthew C. 2016. Water, hazard mitigation, and other ecosystem services derived from tropical forested watersheds: benefits and risks. ,

| 1 to 4 of 4 entries found |