Naos Island Laboratory

General Information

The Naos Marine Laboratory is the largest of STRI's marine laboratories and provides an excellent opportunity for comparative studies between the Tropical Atlantic ( Caribbean ) and Eastern Pacific oceans. The Naos (Laboratory) facility is located on Naos Island , in the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal , connected by a roadway (causeway) to mainland. Naos Island lies 4km from the Bridge of the Americas at the Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal and is a 10 minute drive from Panama City .


Naos Island Laboratories


There is easy access to the Bay of Panama coastal environments, such as sandy beaches, tidal mud flats, rocky shores and mangroves, and small coral reefs.

Three buildings house the offices and laboratories for scientists, supporting staff, visiting scientists, and students. Part of the STRI's anthropology program is also housed in the Naos Laboratory.