Barro Colorado

BCI Small Boats

BCI has a small fleet of boats for scientific purposes and don’t have boat operators at hand. The boats have traditionally been available for project use to all STRI researchers. In order to request a boat, you need to have an ACP small boat operator license and a signed approve form for gas dispatch.

  • Steps for boat license: (for detailed information request it to
    1. Written Test: to take in the city at the ACP Board of Directors. Cost: $15.00 paid at Citibank.
    2. Practical Inductions: to be program with the aquatic and mechanic department, and the guardabosques.
      Note: License should be renovated every 5 years.
  • Small boat request: (request to
    1. Send information about principal investigator, area of work, number of users and dates.
    2. Filled, sign and send via email the gas approval form. Approval of gas needs to be done prior to dispatch. No gas is going to be dispatch without pre-approval and payment, effective since February 15, 2016.