Barro Colorado

Research Projects

Long Term Research on BCI

Dave Roubik

Bee Biology, Pollination Ecology, Palynology, Entomology, Evolutionary Ecology. Including
field research on pollination of native and cultivated tropical plants, bee communication and foraging behavior, biology and systematics of honey bees and stingless bees, Euglossine bees and bees in general, in equatorial forests of the world.

Bill Wcislo

Evolution and behavior; bees: (Hymenoptera: Apoidea, especially Halictidae), solitary wasps (Sphecidae, Pompilidae) and ants (Formicidae); parasitism; sociality; social complexity; learning and behavioral diversification; brain evolution; environments.

Walt Carson, University of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
Phyllis Coley, University of Utah
Richard Condit, STRI Staff Scientist
Jacalyn Giacalone, Montclair State University
Allen Herre, Staff Scieintist
Elisabeth Kalko, STRI Staff
Egbert Leigh, STRI Staff Scientist
Katherina Milton, University of California-Berkeley
Robert Stallard, U.S. Geological Survey, Colorado
Martin Wikelski, Princeton University, New Jersey; Roland Kays, New York State Museum

Map of Barro Colorado showing the telemetry towers locations

Map of Barro Colorado showing the telemetry towers locations

Other research being done within the BCNM