How to get there?

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By road

From Panama to Chiriqui, it is a 420-km or 6-hour drive on the Pan American highway. The roads are in good condition.

Take the Carretera Interamericana and follow the direction until the community of Chiriqui, take the road to your right.  After the 17kms you will arrive at Gualaca (from the Shell gas station to Centro de Investigaciones Jorge L. Arauz is 29.6 km). Go through Los Planes and Hornito, and from Hornito go another 8.7 km to the Station. Approximately 1 hour drive from the Pan American Highway. The road is in good condition.

The Centro de Investigaciones Jorge. L. Arauz is located on the left side of the road (just above the highway). Casa B is located 2 km further along the highway before the Fortuna dam and is within the facilities of the power generation company ENEL Fortuna. Look for a mesh fence on the right side of the road and small guard house with a gate. 

You can either drive or take the bus directly to Fortuna from Panama City – a trip of 6 to 8 hours. A four-wheel drive vehicle is not necessary to reach the Fortuna station.

By plane

The closest airport to Fortuna is the Enrique Malek Airport at David City and is about 1hour and 15 minutes drive to Fortuna.  You can take a taxi from the airport to the Fortuna Station starting at $60.00.