Fortuna Facility welcomes research scientists that will do field work in the Station.
If you are a scientist wanting to work in the reserve, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Please register as a “First Time User” in the following link:
  2. Follow the prompts and then select “New Research Application” to register your project.
  3. Once the project is approved, you will receive a notification; you and any participants of the project will be able to register your visit at
  4. While your project is being approved, we recommend that you start your permit application as this process will take around 45 working days.  Please find general information at

For any other visits, please go to the Enel Green Power web page:
E mail:

Research information

A sampling of studies conducted at Fortuna include a survey of its Flora conducted by Gordon McPherson and others at the Missouri Botanical Gardens (, a study by Hendrik Wolda (STRI) of insects attracted to light traps over two years, a study of declining amphibian populations (Karen Lips, Southern Illinois University) and environmental factors mediating their infection (Peter Murphy, Southern Illinois University), a survey of the bat fauna (Rafael Samudio, University of Florida) and rodents populations (Greg Adler, University of Wisconsin), studies of rainfall interception and nutrient availability (Jaime Cavelier, World Wildlife Foundation) and CO2 concentrations in the forest understory (Klaus Winter, STRI) and responses to nitrogen fertilization (Marife Corre, Gottingen University).  Currently, a long-term study is underway of the dynamics of the Fortuna forest using a network of one-hectare forest plots (Jim Dalling, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign).