General information


Visitor Services Office ( is in charge of all accommodation issues. The resident coordinator has a spare key to all STRI accommodations, for emergencies or for repairs. No pets are allowed in STRI accommodations. No experiments should be conducted inside apartments.



Building 183

STRI rents eight apartments to visiting scientists with a priority for those conducting research near or in Gamboa. High-speed internet connections in each apartment allow residents to connect directly to the internet. The building also has laboratories, a computer room, a mail room, and a library.

Computer room

The computer room has computers with internet access, a scanner, a fax machine and a photocopier. There are also five desks with internet connection for laptops. Priority is given to people who have indicated in their application that they need one. STRI uses MS Outlook as the e-mail system. Due to security regulations, all users need a Network account to access any of the public use computers.  To request an account electronically, you or your sponsor have to fill out the form at the Intranet or contact the helpdesk at +507-212-4357 or


STRI provides lab space under the school building and in building 183. If you want to use it, contact the Scientific Coordinator Raineldo Urriola at

School building

In this wooden former school building STRI has furnished a dormitory facility for field courses that use Soberania National Park and nearby forested sites. Four large classrooms have been turned into sleeping quarters, each with six single beds. There are two bathrooms with showers. A washer and a dryer, as well as a fully equipped kitchen, are available. Two additional classrooms function as a dining room and a projection facility (a slide projector, a screen and an overhead projector are available). The facility has three phone lines.

Underneath it has lab space and a storage area.

Houses # 150 and 152

STRI’s other four permanent houses in Gamboa are 150A, 150B, 152A and 152B. These are furnished duplexes, with two bedrooms, telephone and a fully equipped kitchen. Washer and dryer are in both duplexes.

The Ridge # 268 en 275

STRI rents two apartment buildings (# 268 and 275) from the Gamboa Rainforest Resort. Although all repairs are carried out by the resort, all other STRI regulations regarding accommodation apply. STRI residents are not permitted to use the resort facilities (pool, gym etc.) unless they buy the Royal Card at the hotel reception desk.

Since these apartments are inside the resort, the public area and garage must be kept tidy. No clothes should be hung outdoor


Residents of STRI housing in Gamboa (buildings 183, 150, 152 or the Ridge) receive keys for their apartment with Visitors Office. For any other keys for STRI facilities such as laboratories and Mailroom please contact Vilma Fernandez at 212-8507 in Gamboa or Raineldo Urriola at The key deposit is $10 for each key.


Currently, the Gamboa Field Station has three trucks for field use. These are available for everyone to use – if you already know how to use a gear shift and 4WD vehicle. To use the STRI vehicles, visitors must have an U.S. Government Motor Vehicle Operator’s Identification card in addition to their own full driver’s license. The application form is available from the Tupper reception. Without this paperwork being complete, users are not insured, and must not drive STRI vehicles. STRI vehicles are insured only for liability to third parties.

Please contact the Scientific Coordinator for update information. New STRI Vehicle fee coming on 1, October 2014.

Maintenance and repairs

All users are responsible for the vehicle maintenance and have to check fuel, water and oil levels before use. In case of car problems, the manager Vilma Fernandez has to be contacted at


Check in and fill out personal information forms at the Visitor Services Office at the Tupper Center, no matter how long you plan to stay.  If you are planning to stay longer than 90 days in Panama, you will need an extension of your tourist visa or a residency permit.  For information, please contact Celideth De Leon at

STRI Seminars

Every week there are two seminars, which everyone is invited to attend. For more information, visit our seminars page.