PRORENA is led by CTFS at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and by the Yale Tropical Resources Institute at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. It benefits from more than 80 years of STRI and Yale research on forest ecology and forest dynamics.

The project aims to establish diverse native forest cover across extensive areas of deforested Panamanian lands and to demonstrate that large-scale ecological restoration in the tropics is technically feasible, socially attractive, and financially viable. To do so, the project has established extensive field trials with more than 40 different species in more than 12 research sites throughout Panama . Also, measurements have been carried out on more than 600 hectares of trials and plantations, and more than 50,000 individual trees.

More than a dozen Latin and North American universities, private companies, government institutions, NGOs, private landowners and professional organizations are involved in the project. PRORENA was founded in January 2001, and is currently funded through 2007, though the project hopes to continue developing additional funding into the future. Direct support comes from private donors, foundations, in-country collaborators, and the government of Panama (from the Panama Canal Authority).


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