Stephan Klose

Stefan Klose studies physiological life-history trade-offs in the common fruit-eating bat

Fellows bring energy, ideas, and youthful enthusiasm to STRI in exchange for training that will help them shape the future of tropical biology.

Predoctoral fellows have a university advisor but are associated with, and guided by, a staff scientist. Interactions between predoctoral fellows and STRI scientists are based primarily on training, but pre-doctoral fellows may also increase the published productivity of the host laboratory.

Postdoctoral fellows provide the laboratory with tangible contributions in the form of scholarly publications. These interactions are extremely valuable in providing new ideas and perspectives.

In conclusion, increased support for fellows is a cost-effective way to enhance the research atmosphere and productivity of STRI. An impressive number of STRI fellows are highly successful in terms of publications, as well as in finding research positions in academia and other research institutions.

Luis C. Mejia
Katia Silvera