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A contribution is collected from visitors to help us afford the basic fees we offer to Panamanian students, giving them the opportunity to learn about the value of the tropical rainforest at first hand.

Foreign adult: $100.00
Foreign student: $70.00
Panamanian adult: $50.00
Foreign with Panamanian residency status: $50.00
Local student: $25.00
Panamanian retiree: $40.00

Cash, check or credit card (VISA or Master Card) is accepted for payments, and reservations can be made any time. However, due to the high demand, the more in advance you inquire, the better chance the date will be available for your visit. Full name and identification of the person making the reservation is necessary.

Howler Monkey

Howler Monkey

Special visits can be arranged and are encouraged for those with special needs. The minimum age to visit the BCNM is 8 years old.

The minimum age to visit the BCNM is 8 years old.

Please communicate to STRI any medical conditions, allergies or special conditions.

STRI’s research station reserves the right to cancel the visit due to extraordinary circumstances, for which 100% refund will be available.

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