Barro Colorado

What's There?

In addition to the historic Barro Colorado Field Research Station, founded in 1923, the Island has air conditioned housing, administration, laundry, kitchen and dinning, computer room, darkroom, laboratory, a Visitor's Center and lecture facilities for hundreds of researchers and students who come here to work, from all over the world, every year. There are also growing houses, an insectary, permanent trails, and protected plots of forest for the use of researchers.

Trasportation, marine, and maintenance facilities are also located on the island for the constant upkeep of the research station, the protection of BCNM, and the support of the research done here.

After or before your walk through the rainforest, you will have the opportunity to visit the new field Visitor Center. The new building has the fasade of the original historic building. Enjoy the view!

The visitor's center also evokes a much earlier time in our history when the Panama Canal was new, and Barro Colorado Island had only recently been created (by building of the Canal) and research here involved pioneers of field research whose adventurous spirits, legacy and discoveries we still celebrate.

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éque (Agouti)

éque (Agouti)