Bocas del Toro


Marine research includes work on mass coral spawning, turtle nesting and dispersal, the impact of fisheries on conch and sea-cucumber populations, the productivity of mangrove forests, the effects of trace chemical pollutants on coral disease, and competitive interactions among marine algae.

Corals at Bocas del Toro


Terrestrial research includes examination of interactions between diet and toxicity in dart poison frogs, dynamics of bird hybrid zones, bat reproductive biology and dispersal and diversity of birds, insects and fungi in cacao plantations and its impact on sustainable agroforestry.


Also, STRI runs long-term biological monitoring program. Overall 71 sites for corals, 5 sites for mangroves, and 52 sites for seagrass have been surveyed. Data have been obtained for coral cover, and productivity, and growth, standing crop, and biomass for mangroves and seagrasses.

Monitoring Program at Bocas Research Station


Current Research Projects

Research projects and Postdocs from Bocas Research Station.