Bocas del Toro

The Visit

Our priority is research, but we are always looking for better ways to communicate research results to a non-scientific audience, and to help increase awarness of the natural world. Our Education Program offers guided visits to school students, university students, international tourists and the general public. We emphasize the importance of conserving the unique ecosystems and the marvelous opportunity that they provide to scientists who wish to understand the environment we share.

Bocas Lab


The tour around the Bocas Research Station start visiting the bilingual exhibition "Our Reefs: Caribbean Connections". This traveling exhibition was developed to promote awareness and creative problem,-solving in communities most directly affected by the changing status of Caribbean reefs. Then guides will give general information about research activities and a walk tour for the station new facilities.

Free admission.

Bocas del Toro students in the touching pool

Bocas del Toro students in the touching pool