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“You and the Sea with the Smithsonian” School Program

“You and the Sea with the Smithsonian” is a program designed exclusively for groups of students of all ages. The program was developed with direct collaboration from the Environmental Education Directorate of the Ministry of Education of Panama.

School group: learn and fun

A school group learns and has fun

During their visits, students participate in activities that complement classroom learning (i.e. school programs) through hands-on experiences that stimulate all of their senses.

Guidelines for participation

List of Activities

Read the introduction (Adobe Acrobat file - 678Kb) to our educational activities. You can download guidelines for different activities in PDF format.

Topic Levels (grades) Activity
Locomotion and Feeding Kinder - 1°
Useful animals 2º grade
Habitat, Biotic and abiotic components 2º - 4º grade
Plant classification 2º - 3º grade

Marine pollution

2º - 9º grade

Endangered species

Conservation of Marine Resources
4º - 10º grade
Vertebrates 4º grade
Coral reefs 4º - 8º grade
Adaptation 5º - 6º grade
Panama Canal Watershed 5º - 6º grade
Lowlands Vegetation 5º grade
Invertebrates 5º grade
Niche, habitat y community. Ecosystems 7º grade
Symbiosis 7º grade

Renewable and non- renewable resources.

Deforestation in Panama

Industrial Pollution

9º - 12º grade
Biodiversity 10º - 12º grade


Vacation program

In a fun-filled environment with plenty of games and competitions, children of all ages get to enjoy nature and experiment with the discoveries of STRI scientific research.

School group in the touching pool

School group at the touching pool

Teacher's Workshops

As part of STRI’s Public Programs, CEM has participated as an organizer of training programs for teachers, especially in the areas of marine science and environmental education. Thanks to CEM, teachers and professors have the opportunity to experiment and discover, through their own experiences, the coastal marine environments of Panama.

Red Juvenil

"Red Juvenil del Smithsonian" is an online newsletter in Spanish focused on scientific and ecologic information for students. Download our past issues.