The visit

A guided tour will explain the unique ecosystems observed at Punta Galeta (marine sea grass beds, mangrove forests, and coral reefs) and can include:

Mangrove boardwalk

Our next exhibit is the Coral reef to reach of its hands! Hardly had you better opportunity to see nearly animals like starfishes, sea cucumbers, rays, locust, and turtles’. Some you can touch it. You will be amazed to learn about all those behaviors that always plotted you. This is the opportunity to be face to face with a nature coral reef barrier and all its colors components: fishes, sea anemones, algae and more. Furthermore, you can see a selected video about the sea life.


Day Visitor’s Fees

A small contribution is required of visitors. PRIOR RESERVATIONS ARE NECESSARY. Please contact Galeta at least two weeks in advance to reserve a date via phone (+507 212-8191/ 212-8192) or fax (+507 212-8148), or send an e-mail to

Visiting Hours