Application for Filming at the Smithsonian Institution

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Please fill out this form at least 3 months prior to initiating a project, so that we are able to assess your needs. Please be specific when completing the form and outlining the content. Include the amount of time required from STRI staff and consultants, information regarding segments to be documented with other institutions, and logistical requirements.

1. What are the title, focus and purpose of this program?
Please note that additional information may be required as well as the description.

2. What Smithsonian location(s) are you requesting for this project?
Please list the location(s) and the person(s) you have contacted. Requests to film at more than one museum/unit should be sent to the Central Office of Public Affairs - (202) 633-5183.

3. Have you been in contact with other departments about this project?
Please note that your responses will not affect consideration of this request.
4. If you wish to film specific objects at the Smithsonian, please list them.

5. Please list the names of Smithsonian staff members whom you wish to interview and/or film. If you do not have specific names, please describe what types of expertise you
are looking for.

6. How much time in the museum/unit or with the requested staff do you anticipate will be required? Please include set-up and break down.
7. How many minutes will the completed program run?

8. How many minutes of the completed program will contain the Smithsonian content
covered in this request (buildings, collections, staff, etc.)?

9. What equipment will the crew bring? How many members in the crew?
Please include the number and types of lights and total wattage to be used.

10. Has an outlet (cable, broadcast or Internet) has agreed to broadcast this program?
If the program is slated for foreign distribution, please note which country and whether the
program will ever air in the United States.

11. What are all the proposed uses of the program, i.e. TV broadcast, home video, DVD, CD, webcast, publication? Please include all languages.

12. Is there funding for this project? Are there program sponsors?
13. Who will own the copyright of the completed work?
14. What organization(s) or individuals will be receiving the program’s gross and net

15. What other organizations will be involved in the program and what type of credit will they receive?
16. What is the scheduled air date(s) or issue date?
17. Will the name of the Smithsonian be used in this production? If so, how? How will the Smithsonian be credited?
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