Collin Lab

Students & Post Docs

Michael Boyle

Postdoctoral researcher in the CollinLab.
His research is focused on molecular evolution and development of life history diversity in Sipuncula.
His research project uses comparative transcriptomics, gene expression and embryonic cell fates to understand how diversity is generated.

Matt Starr

Master's in Biology Program at The University of Louisiana at Lafayette (2012-2014) under the supervision of Dr. Rachel Collin and Dr. Joe Neigel.
My project will include investigating the unique evolutionary characteristics of three Chilean slipper limpets in the genus Crepipatella.

Maryna  Lesoway

iconMaryna Lesoway

PhD Student, NEO Program, McGill University (2009 - 2014)
Direct development with nurse eggs in the calyptraeid gastropods: Mechanisms and evolutionary transitions

Kecia Kerr

icon Kecia Kerr

PhD student, McGill University and STRI short-term fellow (2006-2011)
Reproductive Timing Under Variable Environmental Conditions: Implications for Metapopulation Dynamics
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Katie MacDonald
Katie MacDonald

STRI - Post Doctoral Fellow (2008-2011)
Larval swimming development and the reacquisition of planktotrophy in the Calyptraeidae
Current position: California State University at Humboldt


Maria Pia Miglietta

Maria Pia Miglietta

STRI-MSN postdoctoral fellow (2005-2007)
Curent Position: Postdoctoral fellow at Penn State University
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Kirk Zigler
Kirk Zigler

STRI - Post Doctoral Fellow (2002-2003)
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, University of Sewanee
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Alexandra Amat

Alexandra Amat

STRI - Post Doctoral Fellow (2004-2005)
Effects on increased CO2 and temperature on coral growth and physiology.