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Casey M. Diederich

CM Diederich

Current Research:

My PhD research is focused on studying the characteristics of species at their range boundary, which can provide interesting and vital information on the factors that control the distributions of species, the evolution of niches, the amount of variation within and among populations, and how different (environmental) factors may shape that variation. Rather than study species on a latitudinal scale, I am using the intertidal zone as a model to study Crepidula fornicata at its vertical range boundary, as C.fornicata can be found both intertidally and subtidally in the northwest Atlantic. My work singles out many potentially disadvantageous factors associated with life in the intertidal zone (thermal stress, desiccation stress, reduced feeding time) and looks at the variation and responses of C. fornicata at their range edge (intertidal) and in more "normal"conditions (subtidal), along with the potential fitness outcomes of living intertidally (reproductive dynamics). I have also had the opportunity to collaborate with Dr. Oscar Chaparro and Dr. Christian Segura to initiate parallel studies on Crepipatella fecunda in southern Chile.

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