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Directory of Calyptraeid Researchers

Dr. Dianna K. Padilla

Dianna Padilla

Department of Ecology and Evolution
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook NY 11794-5245

Voice: 631-632-7434

Current Research (NSF Funding, Sept 2009 - 2012):
Collaborators: Sandra Shumway, J. Evan Ward, University of Connecticut
Phenotypic Plasticity in Feeding: Ontogenetic Solutions to Scaling Limitations.
Aquatic invertebrate animals are very small at early life stages, and face additional hydrodynamic constraints as a function of that small size in a viscous medium. Throughout ontogeny organisms experience significant changes in their biotic and abiotic environments, and can respond through changes in morphological, physiological and behavioral traits, or phenotypic plasticity. The gastropod Crepidula fornicata can use two different feeding mechanisms throughout its life, but may specialize depending upon the size specific relative efficiencies of each of the different mechanisms. This project will use this facultative suspension feeder as a model system to investigate experimentally the size dependence of suspension feeding efficiency for small animals, including newly metamorphosed and juvenile individuals.

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