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Directory of Calyptraeid Researchers

Dr. Mark Q. Martindale

Mark Martindale

Mark Q. Martindale
Professor and Director
Kewalo Marine Lab
PBRC/Univ. Hawaii
41 Ahui St.
Honolulu, HI  96813

My lab is interested in the comparative development of marine invertebrates.  Among the many embryos we study are representatives of the Spiralia, including molluscs, annelids, nemerteans and polyclad flatworms.  In particular we are interested in changes in the fates of identified cells in the early embryo and whether these reveal any phylogenetic signal or represent unique adaptations in the selected species.  To determine these difference sin cell fates requires the intracellular injection and examination of the cell types generated by identified cells in representatives of these highly divergent forms.  Among the most ideal developmental system to study the fates of embryonic blastomere are embryos of Crepidula fornicata.  The study of Crepidula and closely related forms will be informative for our understanding of the evolution of developmental programs.   

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