Forest Speaks

Trail Names

Allison V. Armour
Philanthropist, owner of the yacht, Utowana, used for collection trips.


Frank Drayton
Frank Lutz
Curator of Insects, Museum of Comparative Zoology
Thomas E. Snyder
Entomologist US Department of Agriculture Studied termites with James Zetek
Name of the trig station used to define the trail.

David Fairchild
Agricultural explorer, Foreign Seed and Plant Introduction, US Department of Agriculture.


Fred Miller
US Army surveyor, made one of the first trail maps

Paul C. Standley
Assistant Curator of Plants US National Herbarium Wrote the first Flora of Barro Colorado Island.


Alfred O. Gross
Bowdoin College, Brunswick, ME Studied tropical birds

Thomas Barbour
Harvard University Associate curator of reptiles and amphibians, Museum of Comparative Zoology
(Thomas Barbour con cacique Chocoe).


Barbour Lathrop
David Fairchild, Barbour Lathrop collecting trip Philanthopist


Ignacio Molino
Research assistant to James Zetek, first director


Josselyn Van Tyne
University of Michigan Studied tropical birds

Fausto Bocanegra
Research assistant to Martin Moynihan, second director


Name of the trig station near the tower.

T. Gilbert Pearson
President, National Association of Audubon Societies, New York


Alexander Wetmore
Secretary, Smithsonian Institution Studied birds


Raymond Shannon
Entomologist, US Department of Agriculture Studied mosquitoes and flies

American Museum of Natural History
(sponsored various people and projects on the island)

Donato Carrillo
Caretaker from Chiriqui


J. Douglas Hood
Professor of biology, University of Rochester, friend of the first director

Thomas Schneirla
Curator of the Department of Animal Behavior, American Museum of Natural History Studied army ants


James Zetek
Specialist in Tropical Insects, US Department of Agriculture First director, 1923-1957.


Frank Chapman
Curator of Birds, American Museum of Natural History


Harvard University
Various researchers from Harvard came to work on Barro Colorado


Nemesia Rodriguez
First cook


William Morton Wheeler
Harvard University Studied ants and other social insects


Abram Conrad
James Zetek's (the first director) high school biology teacher

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