Bouyoucos Conference on Inositol Phosphates in the Soil–Plant–Animal System

Tuesday 23rd: Afternoon Session

Section D: Bioavailability of inositol phosphates in the environment

Chair: Ralf Greiner

14:00 – 14:40: Alan Richardson, CSIRO Plant Industry, Australia

Plant access to inositol phosphates in soil

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14:40 – 15:20: Jane Hill, Yale University, USA

Microorganisms that utilize inositol phosphates in the environment

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15:20 – 15:40: Jennifer Powers, University of Minnesota, USA

Diversity and abundance of inositol phosphate-utilizing bacteria in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems on Cape Cod, Massachusetts USA

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15:40 – 16:10: Break


16:10 – 18:00: Discussion Session

Chair: Ed Mullaney

Preliminary List of Topics:

  1. Nomenclature for inositol phosphates and phytases.
  2. Future directions and priorities for phytase and animal nutrition research.
  3. Linking agriculture and environment – priorities for understanding the impact of advances in animal nutrition on soil and water quality.
  4. Inositol phosphates and the nutrition of organisms in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems –current understanding and research priorities.


Close and Dinner