Bouyoucos Conference on Inositol Phosphates in the Soil–Plant–Animal System

Poster Presentations

1. Gao, Y., Shang, C., Biyashev, R.M., Buss, G.R., Grabau, E.A., Maroof, M.A.S.
Virginia Tech., USA
Selection of low phytate soybeans and QTL mapping of phytate genes in soybean with a simple, rapid, and quantitative procedure
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2.Greiner, R.
Federal Research Institute for Nutrition, Germany
myo-inositol phosphate esters generated by the reaction of a phytate-degrading enzyme from Raoultella terrigena on phytate
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3.Greiner, R., Farouk, A.-E.
Federal Research Institute for Nutrition, Germany, and International Islamic University, Malaysia
Properties of a highly specific phytate-degrading enzyme with an acid pH optimum from a bacterium isolated from Malaysian waste water
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4. Greiner, R., Muzquiz, M., Burbano, C., Cuadrado, C., Perdosa, M.M., Goyoaga, C.
Federal Research Institute for Nutrition, Germany, and SGIT–INIA, Spain
De novo synthesis of enzymes participating in phytate breakdown during germination of lentils (Lens culinaris var. Magda)
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5. Hansen-Møller, J., Sehested, J.
Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Denmark
Determination of potential phytase activity in digestive fluids with rumen fluid as an example
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6. Leytem, A.B., Turner, B.L.
USDA–ARS Kimberly, USA, and Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Republic of Panama
Quantifying the phosphorus composition of animal manures by solution 31P NMR spectroscopy
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7. Ma, X.-F., Xiao, K., Harrison, M., Bouton, J., Wang, Z.-Y.
The Samuel Roberts Foundation, Ardmore, USA, and Cornell University, USA
Improving phosphate acquisition in white clover by transgenic expression of MtPAP1 and MtPHY1
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8. Mehta, B.D., Murthy, P.P.N.
Michigan Tech., USA
Unique alkaline phytase from lily pollen: cloning, characterization, and differential expression
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