Carlos Jaramillo

Sara Morón

Sara Moron

Sara Morón Polanco



B.S., Geologist, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá-Colombia, 2002-2007.

Research Interests

Better geological knowledge of the Cerrejon Formation could help to assess reserves, improve seams correlation and do better predictions about the behavior of structural and stratigraphic problems.

Current Activities

I am currently working in an interdisciplinary team working on the geology of the Panama Canal. This project involves measuring of stratigraphic sections, helping in the interpretation of paleo-environments, helping understand the tectonic setting, and assessing the relationship between source rock and sediments. This information will be useful to understand the behavior of the sequences after and before the closure of the Panama Istmus, and documenting the differences between passive and active margin sequences.

Future Research Plans

Basin analysis always uses stratigraphic, structural and tectonic information, but paleoclimatic information is underestimated, despite being one of the most important controls in deposition.

Grants and Fellowships

Promoción de Jóvenes Investigadores, Corporación Geológica ARES, Bogotá, April 2007

Published Abstracts of Papers Presented at Professional Meetings

Morón, S., Montes, C., Jaramillo, C., Bayona, G., Sánchez, C. 2007: Ciclicidad en la Formación Cerrejón. XI Congreso Colombiano de Geología.

Tapias, F., Morón, S. 2006: Planeación, seguimiento y control de la perforación exploratoria en Cerrejón LLC. Primer Seminario Internacional Geológico Minero.