Carlos Jaramillo

Andres Baresch

Andres Baresch

Andres Baresch


BA, 2009, Los Andes University, Bogotá

Research Interests

My research focuses on the relationships of plants with their environment, specifically on how its physiology is shaped to adapt to the various challenges they are faced. Linking features of plants morphology preserved in the fossil record with their physiology enables us to know information about the conditions and resources available at the moment they existed.

Current Research

1. Interpretation and collection of data of vein density on extant and extinct plants.
2. Stomatal and venation density responses on tropical trees and gymnosperms to CO2 enrichments.

Selected Bibliography

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Baresch A, Feild TS, Crifò C, Jaramillo C. (2010) Similar venation densities on two fossil tropical forests before and after the K/T boundary, implications for the evolution of this ecosystem and the water cycle. 8th European Paleobotany-Palynology Conference Budapest, Hungary 6-10 July 2010, Hungarian Natural History Museum poster # 84

Feild T.S., Brodribb T.J., Iglesias A., Chatelet D.S., Baresch A., Upchurch G.R., Gomez B., Mohr B., Coiffard C., Kvacek J., Jaramillo C. (in review) Fossil evidence for two Cretaceous waves of angiosperm leaf vein evolution. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (USA)