Carlos Jaramillo

Andres Gomez

Andres Gomez

Andres Gomez


Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
CTPA (Center for Tropical Paleoecology and Archeology)
Apartado 0843 - 03092
Balboa, Ancón
República de Panamá
Phone: 507 212 80 90


Education and Degrees

M.Sc. Ciencias de la Tierra y Medio Ambiente. Universidad EAFIT. Medellin, Colombia, 2006. Grant AAPG.

B.Sc. Biology. Universidad de Antioquia. Medellin. Colombia, 2001.


Research Interests

"I want to understand the history of environments, evolution of species, and modern and past pattern distribution of species based on paleontological data and taphonomy of mollusk paleocommunities."
My interests are:
1) Neogene marine and land mollusk assemblage.s
2) Taphonomy of fossil mollusk assemblages.
3) Biogeography, evolution and phylogeny in mollusks.
4) Relationship between morphologies, environments and niches in mollusk communities.

Current Research

I'm just working with Miocene mollusk assemblage from Eastern Cordillera of Colombia. It is focused to understand paleoenvironmental changes and origin of this assemblage based on paleocommunities and taphonomy of fossils into the assemblage.
We want to know what processes were driving the assemblage formation in this site and significance to understand the sedimentary dynamics and structure of community. In this way, we try to understand the spatial and temporal relationship between this assemblage with other mollusk assemblages reported to the Northwestern South America.

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