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Austin Hendy


CTPA (Center for Tropical Paleoecology and Archeology
Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

Website: Dr Austin Hendy


PhD. Geology: University of Cincinnati, 2007
Thesis title: “Cenozoic molluscan biodiversity: An examination of biodiversity change at global, regional, and local spatial scales.”

MSc. Earth Sciences: University of Waikato (New Zealand), 2002.

BSc. Earth Sciences-Biology: University of Waikato (New Zealand), 2001

Research Interests

My interests focus on understanding geologic transitions in marine invertebrate biodiversity and the quantification of various biases on these patterns, be they inherent in the fossil record, gaps in paleontological data, or methodological artifacts.

Current research

My current research at STRI focuses on four main areas.

Selected bibliography

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