Carlos Jaramillo

Carlos Andres Sanchez B.

Carlos Sanchez

Carlos Sanchez


Education and Fellowships

B.Sc. Geology Universidad de Caldas, Manizales. 2003
Joven Investigador. Colciencias – ICP 2005

Research Interests

I’m interested on the geologic evolution of Northern South America, mainly the western part of Colombia and the Isthmus of Panamá, and how those changes have affected the flora in South America.

Current Research

Study of palynological fossil record for the Miocene – Pliocene of Panamá, in order to establish a biostratigraphic zonation and patterns of the floral exchange between North and South America.


La ocurrencia de Cyclusphaera en el Terciario de Colombia y su supuesto origen marino. Revista Caldasia. Submitted.