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Catalina Suarez

Catalina Suarez

Catalina Suarez


Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute STRI
Center of Tropical Paleoecology and Archeology
Panama City
Phone: 2128000 ext. 8341


B.S., Geology. Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Bogotá, Colombia 2010

Research Interests

My research interests are the Geology (especially Stratigraphy and sedimentary rocks), Paleontology (vertebrate’s paleontology, especially mammals) and Paleoecology. I am very interested in know about paleoecological conditions during important extinction periods.

Future Research Plans

I am interested in studying how climate change affects mammalian rates of origination and extinction, at both local and global scales, especially during the Miocene in South and North America. Specifically, I would like to know which groups were affected by local or global climate changes and which were affected by faunistic interchange.

The fossil mammals I am most interested in are the Panama fossil mammals, and the La Venta Fauna, from La Tatacoa Dessert (Colombia). They are perfect examples of global and local climate changes, and also faunistic interchange.

Current Research

I am currently working in a paleontological and geological research project (Panama Canal Project) that takes advantage of the Panama Canal expansion, to obtain both geological and paleontological information. That information will let us understand the events that led to the uplift of the Isthmus of Panama and its biological and climatological implications.