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Flavia Fiorini

Flavia Fiorini

Flavia Fiorini



Education and Fellowships

1993-1998 Degree in Geology (5 years degree) - University of Bologna (Italy), Earth Sciences Department.

1999-2001 Ph.D. in Paleontology - University of Modena (Dipartimento del Museo di Paleobiologia e dell'Orto Botanico), Bologna, Firenze and Roma (Italy). 2002-2003 (1stJanuary, 2002 - 31stDecember, 2003) Post-doctoral research fellowship in Earth Sciences - Micropaleontology - University of Bologna (Italy) - Earth Sciences Department.

2004-2005 (1stSeptember 2004 - 30thNovember 2005) PRAC (Petroleum Research Atlantic Canada) funded Post-Doctoral Fellowship - Dalhousie University (Halifax, NS, Canada).


Research Interests

Mesozoic to Recent benthic foraminifera and thecamoebians paleoecology and taxonomy. Use of benthic foraminiferal analysis for the detection of palaeoenvironments, palaeoenvironmental changes and for paleogeographic reconstructions.


Current Research

Study of benthic foraminifera biostratigraphy and paleoecology for the Oligocene-Miocene of the Colombian basin.

Analysis of modern benthic foraminifera from slope environment (Caraibbean Sea off Colombia) to provide information about the taxonomy as well as to evaluate the relation between the foraminifera distribution and the bathymetry.


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