Carlos Jaramillo

John Ortiz

John Ortiz

John Ortiz



Geologist - Universidad Nacional de Colombia, 2001 - 2005

Research Interests:

I questioned myself about how could I help to promote a rational and efficient extraction of the natural resources, decreasing the impact in the environment; and how could I apply my knowledge in geology to improve the life quality of the human being.
My answer "Hidrogeology - Groundwater". This is my research interest. Hydrogeology is a poorly developed field in Colombia, no major city in Colombia uses groundwater. However, potable water is becoming scarce and I foresee that in the near future, ground water will become a priority, because most of the surface fresh-water is contaminated or very scarce.

Great interest in the implementation of Open-Source Softwares (OSS). Mainly The R Project for Statistical Computing and Geographic Resources Analysis Support System.