Carlos Jaramillo

Paula Narváez

Paula Narvaez

Paula Narváez


CTPA (Center for Tropical Paleoecology and Archeology
Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
IANIGLA (Instituto Argentino de Nivología, Glaciología y Ciencias Ambientales)
CCT-CONICET-Mendoza, Argentina


Ph. D. Biology: Universidad de Cuyo, Argentina - 2009
B.Sc. Biology: Universidad de Salta, Argentina – 2002

Research Interests

Cretaceous-Paleogene palynology, biostratigraphy and paleoenvironments of northwestern Argentina.

Current Research

My current work is focused on the palynology of the Neotropics. I am doing a detailed palynologic analysis of Late Cretaceous-Paleocene samples from Colombia.

Selected Bibliography

Volkheimer, W., Novara, M.G., Narváez, P.L., and Marquillas, R.A. 2006. Palynology and paleoenvironmental significance of the Tunal Formation (Danian) at its type locality, quebrada El Chorro (Salta, Argentina). Ameghiniana 43(3): 567-584.

Narváez, P.L. and Sabino, I.F. 2008. Palynology and paleoenvironment of the Las Curtiembres Formation (Late Cretaceous, Salta Group Basin), Las Conchas creek area, northwestern Argentina. Ameghiniana 45(2): 473-482.

Volkheimer, W., Gallego, O.F., Cabaleri, N.G., Armella, C., Narváez, P.L., Silva Nieto, D.G., and Páez, M.A. 2009. Stratigraphy, palynology and conchostracans of a Lower Cretaceous sequence at the Cañadón Calcáreo locality, Extra-Andean central Patagonia: age and palaeoenvironmental significance. Cretaceous Research 30(1): 270-282.