Fernando Santos Granero

Table of Contents

Amerindian Constructional Views of the World.
Fernando Santos-Granero

Part I: Artifactual Anatomies
The Fabricated Body: Objects and Ancestors in Northwest Amazonia.

Stephen Hugh-Jones
Things as Persons: Body Ornaments and Alterity among the Mamaindê (Nambikwara).
Joana Miller
Baby Hammocks and Stone Bowls: Urarina Technologies of Companionship and Subjection.
Harry Walker

Part II: Subjectivized Materialities
From Baby Slings to Feather Bibles and From Star Utensils to Jaguar
Stones: The Multiple Ways of Being a Thing in Yanesha Lived World.

Fernando Santos-Granero
The (De)animalization of Objects: Food Offerings and Subjectivation of Masks and Flutes among the Waujá of Southern Amazonia.
Aristóteles Barcelos Neto
Valuables, Value, and Commodities among the Kayapó of Central Brazil.
Terence Turner

Part III: Materialized Subjectivities
Obedient Things: Reflections on the Matis Theory of Materiality.

Philippe Erikson
The Crystallized Memory of Artifacts.
Els Lagrou
Identity Cards, Abducted Footprints, and the Book of San Gonzalo: The Power of Textual Objects in Runa Worldview.
María A. Guzmán-Gallegos
Materializing the Occult: An Approach to Understanding the Nature of Materiality in Wakuénai Ontology.
Jonathan D. Hill

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