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Stable Isotopes Mass Spectrometer

The STRI Soils Laboratory in Panama operates an Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer (IRMS) for the determination of stable isotopes of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen in environmental samples. A variety of samples can be analyzed, including soils, plant and animal tissue, geological samples, gases, and waters. We also operate a cavity ring-down spectrometer for high precision determination of δ18O and δ2H in liquids.


The STRI Stable Isotope Facility - Download PDF STRI News June 20, 2008

Available analyses

13C and / or 15N in solid samples (soil, plant tissue, etc.)
18O and / or 2H in solid samples (soil, plant tissue, etc.)
13C and / or 18O in carbonates
13C in air samples
13C, 18O, or 2H in liquids
Analytical Charges

Submitting Samples

Please label samples clearly with a unique sample code and your initials and provide an Excel file with all samples listed.
University of Ottawa Stable Isotope Laboratory, for information on sample preparation and calculations.

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Stable Isotope Laboratory Manager: Dayana Agudo (

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