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Daniela Reetz

Daniela Reetz

Daniela Reetz

Research Interests

I am curious about ecological processes in landscapes and I want to inspect them in an interdisciplinary way. In particular, I am interested in phosphorus dynamics between soils, plants and fresh water habitats. I regard this as a fundamental issue for agriculture and nature conservancy.

In 2007 I spent 4 months at STRI facilities with Ben Turner doing research for my diploma thesis: Inorganic and organic phosphorus forms in soils under tropical rainforest (on BCI Panama)

Academic record

2003 – present: study of Geoecology, University of Potsdam - Germany
2007 - Intern at Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries, Berlin - Germany
2005 student research project: The influence of land-use changes on soil hydraulic conductivity, ECSF – Ecuador

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