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Jordan R. Mayor

Jordan R. Mayor

Current research

I am an ecosystem ecologist working in tropical rainforests of Panama as a National Science Foundation and Smithsonian Postdoctoral Research Fellow with Dr. Ben Turner.  My research aims to understand controls over foliar nitrogen isotope (δ15N) variability in trees so that we may use this integrative metric to understand subtle changes to nitrogen-cycles through time.  Recent δ15N-based research has shown that tropical forests are not immune to the effects of Nitrogen-deposition (Heitz et al. 2011).

My field sites are within natural and experimentally manipulated lowland and montane forest stands.  By examining the relationship between soil fertility and soil δ15N values I aim to constrain biogeochemical sources of plant δ15N variability.  By examining the role of species and nutrient acquisitions strategies I aim to discern if individual variability is greater than community level variability.  These questions will inform global interpretation of δ15N values as integrators of the nitrogen cycle worldwide and permit examination of nitrogen-based niche differentiation theory (John et al. 2007).

Past research

Previous research endeavors focused on the role of ectomycorrhizal fungi in shaping tropical forests of interior Guyana (Henkel et al. 2005, Mayor & Henkel 2006, Mayor et al. 2008, Fulgenzi et al. 2008) and led to an examination of global patterns in fungal isotope values (Mayor et al. 2009), a subject which I continue to work on.  During my PhD at University of Florida I focused on interpreting δ15N values in boreal black spruce forests of Alaska where I demonstrated that these trees are heavily dependent on organic nitrogen sources derived from their ectomycorrhizal hosts and used models to estimate nitrogen pathways, sources, and controls over annual productivity (Mayor et al. in review).


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