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Andrea Vincent

Andrea Vincent

I am fascinated by how ‘hidden’ belowground processes influence and shape what we see above the ground - the interaction of the minute e.g. soil enzymes and the huge e.g. a highly productive tropical lowland forest. How do leaf litter, soil organic phosphorus and key microbial groups interact to influence soil fertility? How will global climate change influence these complex systems and what will be the effect on global ecosystem function?

I did my PhD research from 2003 – 2006 on Barro Colorado Nature Monument, on a large scale litter manipulation experiment which was set up by my Cambridge supervisor Dr. Edmund Tanner. I investigated the effects of the leaf litter layer on nutrient availability to seedlings, including the role of mycorrhizal fungi, soil organic phosphorus compounds, and phosphatase enzymes.

I am currently writing up my dissertation at the University of Cambridge, UK, and will be finished by December 2006.

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