Five new books with INBio and Norway

May 31, 2010

Five new books with INBio and Norway

STRI botanists Mireya Correa also with the University of Panama and Maria Stapf and their colleagues have published five new of books

STRI botanists Mireya Correa (also with the University of Panama) and Maria Stapf and their colleagues have published five new of books supported by the project “Developing Capabilities and Sharing Technologies for Biodiversity Conservation” a joint venture of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Costa Rican National Institute for Biodiversity. The University of Panama and STRI also supported these publications that include a photographic guide, a guide to the trees at the University of Panama, a guide to El Charco in the Soberania National Park, a guide to Cerro Jefe, the folkloric use of plants, and crafts using seeds and fruits in Panama. A calendar was also issued.

The first of these books was published in 2009, Plantas comestibles de Centroamérica [Central American edible plants] (see news, July 24, 2009).

The University of Panama presented these books as a collection “to learn more about the flora of our country” on May 19, at the Rector´s Hall. Rector Gustavo García de Paredes congratulated Profesora Correa for her excellent work directing the University of Panama Herbarium since its creation in 1968, as well as the rest of the authors of this collection, namely Maria Stapf, Allys Lu, Alejandro De Sedas, Laurencio Martínez, Noris Toribio, Fermín Hernádez, Reyes Carranza and the scientific editor of the books, J. Francisco Morales. He also congratulated the government of Norway for financing this project, and INBio for their coordination.

The books are being distributed among local and regional libraries, as well as other institutions and nongovernment organizations.


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