A New and Improved Magic Web

January 30, 2012

A New and Improved Magic Web

A new and improved version far outshines the 2002 edition.

“Visit the tropics by all means for there is nothing more wonderful than the tropical forest, but if you can’t, read A Magic Web. You will learn more from this volume than from a personal visit to the tropics,” stated evolutionary biologist, Ernst Mayr’s accolade on the first edition of the first coffee table book to feature Barro Colorado Island. A new and improved version far outshines the 2002 edition.

Communication Associate Christian Ziegler’s stunning photographs have all been rescanned and a third of the images--presented in a cleaner, more readable layout-- are new. The text by Staff Scientist, Egbert Leigh, updated to convey new discoveries from the last 10 years, is described as “cerebral, witty, and full of answers,” in another cover note from Eric Dinerstein, Chief Scientist at the World Wildlife Fund. The authors thank Biff Bermingham, STRI director, and Richard Schooley, advancement director, for encouragement and financing and Lisa Lytton for the amazing efficiency with which she redesigned and reorganized the new edition.


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