Naos Island Laboratory

Molecular Multi Users Lab


Weekly fee:  $25
Monthly fee:  $100

Fee includes: Gloves, buffers (TAE, TBE), agarose & gel stain, coats, sterile water, racks, glassware, and use of most equipment.

  1. Fees are per person working in the MMUL including staff scientists, technicians, assistants, students, etc.
  2. If a user decides to buy supplies from outside the MMUL, he/she should handle all the paper work. The MMUL manager may assist you if necessary, but will not handle personal purchase orders/requisitions.
  3. In case of misuse of equipment or negligence resulting in damage of any general use and/or MMUL equipment, the user may be required to cover all or part of the cost of repair or replacement. Each case will be reviewed individually.
  4. Return all MMUL storage boxes and racks when you have completed your project. If you need to take samples home or leave them stored, you must buy your own storage boxes.
  5. Chemicals and supplies included in the fees are ONLY to be used in the MMUL and are not allowed to be taken out of the lab. The trading of supplies between labs without informing the MMUL manager is forbidden.
  6. Users should not take supplies from other users or from the MMUL office without previous authorization from the owner or the MMUL manager.
  7. If your work in the MMUL results in a publication, please acknowledge that “Laboratory work was completed in the STRI MMUL” and send us a pdf of your manuscript when it has been published.