Earl S. Tupper Research & Conference Center

General information


At Tupper, services are provided for permanent staff and visiting researchers, assisting them with general information, faxing, placing phone calls, distributing of mail, issuing driver permits for STRI official vehicles, reserving vehicles and providing keys. All scheduling and planning of activities for the Conference Center and meeting rooms also takes place here, as well as coordination and advertising of the weekly seminars. Preparation of bills regarding vehicles, Digital Imaging Lab, Scanning Electron Microscope, Photo Department and all facility usage can also be arranged at Tupper.

Tupper Center

Tupper Center


These seminars take place every Tuesday from 4 to 5 pm. Presented by staff scientists, visiting scientists, post doctoral fellows or special guests, these seminars provide the opportunity to share information on key themes of on-going research and future science developments.

Coffee Shop

The cafeteria is designed to seat 35 people, and serves breakfast and lunch, as well as snacks for coffee breaks.

Conference Center

The Conference Center is divided into two levels:

Photo Lab Department

The Photo Lab Department offers a full range of photographic services to STRI scientists and visiting scientists. Photographers can be scheduled for field and studio work. This department provides film developing, slide duplicates, and copy work (see fees).

Digital Imaging Lab

The Digital Imaging Lab provides assistance with scanning 35 mm. film, slides, negatives, and flat art. It also offers services for burning CDs, photo-like prints (8”x 10” maximum) and 35 mm film output; converting Power Point files into slides; and designing posters, brochures and related materials. A full time technician is available to help lab users.

Computer Room

The Computer Room has PCs for general use with software and statistical packages such as WordPerfect, Microsoft Word and Systat. It also provides email and Internet services, as well as a laser printer. To gain access to these computers you need to set up an account and sign an SI User Computer Agreement. Please contact the “Help Desk” people at Tupper by calling extension number 4357. STRI uses MS Outlook as its email system, which requires you to have an account; but you may use your own web-based email service.

Scanning Electron Microscope

A Jeol JSM-5300LV scanning electron microscope is available at the Tupper Research Center . The microscope comes with a low vacuum tube, which means that specimens do not have to be dried and coated before they are viewed. This will enable investigators to photograph plants, animals, or other materials without alteration of the specimens. A technician is present two days a week to prepare specimens and carry out microscopy.


There is a 4WD vehicle pool at Tupper that is for field use ONLY. To use the STRI vehicles, visitors must have a US Government Driver's Identification Card, in addition to their own full driver’s license. If your stay in the country exceeds 90 days, you must also obtain a Panamanian driver’s license.

Application forms are available from the Tupper reception. Users who do not complete this paperwork are not insured and may not drive STRI vehicles.

You will receive a copy of STRI VEHICLE POLICIES at the time you receive the US Government Driver's Identification Card. Please read these polices carefully, since improper use of STRI vehicles could lead to disciplinary actions, including possible removal of privileges for using STRI vehicles.