Microscopía Electrónica y Confocal


  1. Olympus FV1000 laser scanning confocal microscope.
  2. 4 LD405nm-LD473nm-LD559nm-LD635nm diode lasers.
  3. 3 observation channels which enable detection of 4 different fluorochromes at the same time.
  4. Motorized stage (enables observations of complete material)
  5. 10x 20x 40x objective lenses.
  6. 40x: 60x oil immersion objective lenses.
  7. 10x, 20x; 40x water immersion objective lenses. This type of lens enables observation of processes in living specimens.
  8. Conventional optical instrumentation with transmitted light and mercury lamp epifluorescence.
  9. BX61WI transmitted light microscope.